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Pick Me Up

How many of us know that sometimes God places things on our hearts? What to do, where to go, what to read etc. This happened to me recently when I noticed myself getting into a monotonous routine with reading the Bible. To dismiss this thought I had to engage my mind and body so as not to be passive or use some form of excuse not to connect with God.

Then one morning as I was getting ready to travel for work, I heard it. The voice that tells you to do something and you feel convicted. I kept hearing ‘read Ezra’. Read Ezra?… with a puzzled look on my face. But if I have learned anything about an intimate walk with God, it is not to disobey him.

So I started reading the Book of Ezra – chapter one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten… then it hit me. “Rise up; this matter is in your hands. we will support you so take courage and do it”.

As a leader, leading many aspects of people’s lives, oftentimes the weight of that gets to me and I need a ‘pick me up’. This Ezra 10: 4 was that pick me up. Knowing that you have to do it, you have given your all, and allowing God to bring you the right team or person or thing to give you an extra push, to speak life into you to continue in your journey or towards the finish line.

It might look something like this; when I must bake cookies for my daughter’s school project but I am not a baker – pick me up: my husband calling me ‘chef Mrs Daisie III’ as a way of appreciating my efforts, or when I have been on back to back travel with flight cancellations, delays, worn out and tired to serve at church – pick me up: your fellow coaches telling you to rest and they will help you through service.

I needed this Ezra when I needed it which was when God showed me that I needed to read it. Through the many hats we wear as women, do we have the right pick me up? What does it look like? Where do we go to get or have it?Having the right pick me up at the right moment, makes the difference between giving up and pushing through.



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