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We live in a world filled with beauty and laughter. It is also filled with, unfortunately, pain and suffering. Are you carrying around hurt and pain in your heart? Are these issues weighing you (heart, soul and body) down? Ever wanted to finally overcome these heart and mind issues. While you do what you do best, taking care of business, how about we work together and take care of what matters most – you. I coach christian women through various seasons of life's ups and downs so they can be their best at work and life.  I help you take care of your heart and move you from burdened to freedom, stuck to unstuck, lost to found, pain to purpose, loss to peace, brokenness to wholeness, empty to fulfilled, failure to excellence, overwhelmed to focused. I am here to walk with you through the big complex challenges that life throws your way as well as the everyday burdens you carry. You deserve to live a life that is joyful, peace-filled with love and laughter. As your chief Joy Activator, I give you a path towards a transformed heart, a renewed mind that brings healing to your soul.  Through what I call ‘heart to heart coaching conversations and discipleship’, you will do the heart work and have a revived purpose, renewed hope, mental clarity, life wellness and wholeness and spiritual growth. You don’t need to reach a breaking point before seeking help.  That is why I offer a 30-minute free consultation. Let's start with that, assess how I can help you and you make the decision. As I say, I am your guide on the side while you are the sage on the stage. Let me help you shine on that stage as you walk boldy in and with the Word of God! Love, Your Chief Joy Activator Kate A. Coker Daisie

I Can Help You!


Biblical Counseling &

Well-being Coaching

Dear Sister... Dear Brother, How is your heart?

“Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me” 

Psalm 51:10

Are you ready to do the work to heal your heart and your mind so you can joyfully give and receive love? Are you ready to develop authentic intimacy with Jesus? Are you ready to heal with God, grit and good grace? I work with clients determined to partner with the Lord in healing their soul and spirit.

My approach is biblical with the Holy Bible as the authority directing my mode of practice. The focus is on healing and holiness where your soul is not only healed but also, consecrated to Christ. You start with an intensive 5 or 10 day process followed by regularly scheduled 4-session/month or 1-session/month sessions as you continue your journey toward deliverance and consecration. 


I focus on helping you heal from a myriad of life challenges - grief, transitions in life, effects of trauma, repairing identity in Christ, developing spiritual disciplines and fortitudes, breaking cycles and strongholds, discover life purposes, manage day to day life challenges and choices etc. I am positioned as your Journey Partner through a challenging season as your guide on the side while you are the sage on the stage.

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So What is Biblical Counseling?


As a Trained Marriage & Family Therapist, I have experienced the secular therapy process. During my training, I always felt a disconnect with how the person was supported. It felt rushed and often, impersonal. I felt my clients needed more but strict protocols made it impossible to go deeper or use Scripture. Through prayer and Holy Spirit guidance, I decided to lend my heart to this type of therapy - Biblical Counseling & Well-being Coaching. 

Biblical Counseling uses the story of Scripture in meaningful and personal ways. Biblical counselors are personal and seek to emulate God's love and intimate care of His children through attentive listening and prioritized care. Biblical counseling is personalized and so one format would not fit another. And that is what you experience with Chief Joy Activator. 

In Biblical Counseling, I use the Bible. In secular therapy, there are many Psychological and therapeutic approaches that I found conflicted, or contradicted, or sometimes, did a poor job copying Scripture.


Through personal healing experience,  I know and believe that the authority in the counseling and coaching room is God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. I depend on the Holy Spirit and the goal is to heal the heart of the person toward sanctification. 

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Who is Biblical Counseling & Well-being Coaching for?

“Guard your heart with all vigilance, from it flows the springs of life”

Proverbs 4:23


I focus on the whole person - body, soul, and spirit. My calling from the Lord is to help with your soul and spirit care thus I am your Spirit-Soul care coach. We start with Biblical Counseling and integrate well-being coaching where I help you navigate your mental, emotional, spiritual, and relational wellness through coaching. Counseling is focused on addressing the life road blacks from the past impacting the present while coaching is focused on moving you forward through impactful though provoking questions. All based on biblical scriptures, stories, and real life application of such scriptures. 

If you love Jesus, and experiencing life challenges that is causing you from fully thriving in the day-to-day life, Biblical Counseling and Well-being Coaching might be for you. You engage in what I call "Coaching Conversations" that are "anchored in scripture, centered on Christ and the Gospel, grounded in sound theology, dependent upon the Holy Spirit and prayer directed toward sanctification..." Association of Biblical Counseling (ABC) Statement of Faith

If this type of healing help and support is what you desire, then I am here to help. Make an appointment for a  free 45-minute consultation today!


Discipleship - Spiritual Growth

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding”

Proverbs 3:5

You are a child of God, His Spirit lives in you. With a humble teachable obedient heart and focused mind, you can learn to walk with the Lord in all your ways and days. As your Counselor & Coach, I aim to help you get closer to Jesus as you heal and become FREE from the past as you carve out your future with God's leading and direction. We discuss Scripture and its application and equip you through Godly Woman & Company Ministry resources to help you thrive in community. You are saved, you are healing, now let's work together through consecration. As imitators of christ, we are commanded to "be Holy" 1 Peter 1:16

“While you take care of business, together, let's take care of your heart and mind.”

The Process

Laughing Friends


Partner with you to do the heart work that sustains your soul – doing your heart work is soul work.



Guide you through various seasons of life transitions as you remain the  sage on the stage.

Mother and Baby on Floor


Equip you with tools, practical applications to Live intentionally, thrive in love and impact others.

Graduation Day


Join a godly community of Dear Sisters who keep you grounded in the Lord.

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