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High Five

I had my thoughts on what coaching was all about and what I needed from my coach. However, my focus changed after the very first sessions because it dawned on me that I didn't know who I was as a person.

My coaching sessions with Kate have been a BLESSING that I didn't see coming and for which I am thankful. I have my own person, my cheerleader and confidant who is real but not judgmental.  She created a safe space for me to be vulnerable and be myself.

The skills I have developed through these sessions have equipped me to work on ME FIRST and keep my FOCUS ON GOD.

I have had bumps on the way and will have more but I’m confident that if I keep working on myself and use the skills I have acquired I’ll be alright.

Everyone needs a coach, Thank you Kate!

Paulina A.

Woman with Bible

Kate is an amazing coach! She’s helped me make so many positive changes in my life and helped me get on the path to true healing. My husband started noticing changes in me, and it inspired him to seek help and make changes as well. 

I always look forward to my sessions with Kate because I know I’m going to learn something new about myself that will help me grow in ways I never imagined. Kate's coaching is like you are talking to a friend who understands you, sees you and has a deep care for your wellbeing. She puts you at ease immediately and starting and ending with prayer is a unique, personal touch.



Thank you, Kate, for being such a blessing in my life.

Natasha B.

Laughing Friends

After my first month of coaching with the Chief Joy Activator, it got me thinking a lot in a good way. Kate has a gentle approach to getting you to focus on what matters to you. For me, I have grown tremendously in my spiritual walk with God, I have renewed strength, joy and peace. Even in my most worrisome days, I hear Kate's voice "now Cynthia what is your heart saying and what thoughts do you have right now?" 


Her coaching approach is unique. She takes time and dedicates more of herself to ensuring you win at whatever goal you set your heart and mind to. I have more joy and peace now than I've ever had, and I've had counseling and therapy before. This is different...must be because we start and end with God? Thank you Kate for what you are doing to help women. 

Cynthia N.

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