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 Choose to Live FREE!

“I want to be free!” said ‘Everybody’. Freedom! We all want it. It is our fundamental human right. But what happens to the heart when such freedom seems out of reach? What happens when such freedom is unexpectedly taken? Choose to Live FREE is a podcast for the woman and girl who needs a wellbeing rescue, healing and transformation of their heart and mind. 

Are you ready for some spiritual heart surgery? Are you ready to heal the emotional, mental, and spiritual wounds that may have robbed you of the experience of true joy, peace, and love? And as you do, enjoy some laughs, well maybe a lot of laughs while discovering wholeness to be, live, and stay FREE?

On Choose to Live FREE podcast, Pioneer Heart Transformation Coach, Writer, Speaker, and Founder of Godly Woman & Company, Kate A. Coker-Daisie, invites you to glean into transformational stories and tools that reconnects your heart and mind, and facilitates holistic healing and true emotional, mental, and spiritual FREEdom.

Kate believes that as you are inspired, encouraged, and motivated, you can choose to break FREE, break through, and breathe again. No matter what your journey entails, you can do that wholeheartedly and joyfully. 

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