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Grey Limbo

Chief Joy Activator


“I coach and equip you with biblically-centered resources so you pursue healing, holiness and FREEdom with God, grit and good grace”

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“I believe heart work is soul work, and doing the soul work produces peace, joy and freedom.”
Kate Coker-Daisie

mental health counselor, spiritual counseling, life coach, couples therapist, marriage counselor

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Hi, I am Kate Coker Daisie. A woman passionate about what YOU are passionate about. I do not know how you ended up here but now that you are here, welcome. I help women take care of their hearts and minds, so they thrive in life and live FREE in Christ. Your being here is not by accident. Galatians 5:22-23 "but the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance: against such there is no law".


The heart and mind are the enemy's first attempt at disarming our weapons from God. My purpose is to help you build-up your weapons to tear down the strongholds and lies of the enemy so you can bear the good fruits of the Spirit. Having a ‘heart to heart’ conversation with me activates your will do mind-set and can-do attitude. You get and live with intentionality, joy, purpose, transformed heart and a renewed mind. All things are possible, believe that. I am joyful to have you here. Stay a while!



Biblical Counseling & Coaching

Are you ready to do serious life transformation? Are you ready to experience true joy, peace and love? Whether you are experiencing individual life challenges of Christian relationship/marriage crisis, Kate is always willing to help restore you to Christ. 

Sign-up for Biblical Counseling & Well-being Coaching with Kate today!

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Join a Godly Community of Dear Sisters

Do you want to be part of a godly community doing intentional work to heal the heart and mind? Join Kate's membership program via her ministry Godly Woman & Company and experience godly acceptance, encouragement, healing and 'wholiness'. Read more about the membership community and join your dear sisters. 

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Discover healing and 'Wholiness' Resources

Are you ready to glean into transformational stories and tools that reconnects your heart and mind? Do you need practical resources to aide in the healing work of your spirit and soul? Do you yearn for intimacy, closeness, and ongoing discipleship in yoru spiritual walk with the Lord? Kate has a wealth of resources for you.  

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Cover  Paperback FINAL Wellspring Lifestyle Weekly Journal (6 x 9 in) (12.647 x 9.25 in).j
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Wellspring Lifestyle Journal

a 52-week Heart Healing journal to develop


a habit of devotion as you become aware of your heart habits. In partnership with the Holy Spirit begin this discipline to renew your mind on God's Word and allow Jesus to heal and set your heart FREE.

This journal will:

  • Serve as an intentional tool to keep you motivated as you discover stillness in the presence of the Lord.

  • Enable you to pace your heart as you allow Jesus to reSHAPE it into His likeness.

  • Awaken your deepest desire for connection, community, and friendship with the triune God and with others.

  • Challenge your heart to reflect and obey Jesus's Truth.

  • Help you begin a journey of healing through self-reflection and self-awareness

Click on the images to look inside:

  • A welcome note

  • Appropriate notes pages

  • Weekly Holy Bible scripture(s) influence on your heart using SHAPE

    • Scripture(s) that captured your heart

    • Heart posture as you reflect

    • Agreement with God about what He reveals to you from the scripture(s)

    • Practice obediently what the Holy Spirit shows you

    • Everyday reminders of God's grace

  • Weekly 'heart check' reflective questions

  • Weekly brain dump because purging your mind allows your soul to thrive!

Do this weekly and your heart will thank you!


Proceeds support Kate's ministerial work at Godly Woman & Company.

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Kate's Professional Background

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