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2023 Business Meets Life Planner


2023 Business Meets Life Planner

$55.00 + Shipping

***Due to high demands, orders may take up to 2-3 weeks.***

The Business Meets Life Planner is an undated 52-week planner to help you integrate your life - business included. The planner will not only help you plan a focused week at a time, but will help you envision your annual and quarterly goals, daily and hourly routines and rhythms and keep you intentional about the people and commitments that matter to you most. 

This planner will get you together as you reflect at mid-year and end of year while completing quarterly well-being check-ins. The planner, created by Writer, Speaker, Founder of IAFW, and the Chief Joy Activator, Kate A. Coker-Daisie, combines the best aspects of a planner and best practices for self-development so that as you check off your “to-do” list, you also develop key skills that keep your heart joyful and intentional. This is the planner to organize your business and life, your heart will thank you.

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