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5-Day Intensive

Heal Your Heart Group Intensive

This is a small select group of 3 - 5 Christian woman who are intentional about pursuing healing and 'wholiness' through Scripture and guided interventions.




Because God's Word healed my brokeness and made me whole and I believe He can help you break your cycles too! Whether you opt for an individual intensive or group intensive, you receive Biblical Counseling with therapeutic interventions. My approach is Biblical Coaching Conversations where I ask insightful impactful questions and allow you space and time to process, reflect, journal, and consult the Holy Spirit's help. Each day you will have dedicated assigned reading. The day of your session, we dive into both the book revelations as imparted by the Holy Spirit along with practical applications from Scripture to your identified issue and life. You get Biblical Counseling, well-being coaching, interventions that are directly personalized to your needs.


For the Christian woman who believes the Bible is God's Word and authority of daily living; yet is struggling to be whole mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and relationally.

You are willing to be intentional about your healing journey and you need God's help to permanently break cyclical unhealthy patterns that are disrupting your life. This can be grief, trauma, stress, anxiety and worry, fear, shame etc.


5-day group intensive where the focus is to ground you in your beliefs and start your mental, emotional, spiritual, and relational healing as a Christian woman. This 5-day intensive blends book reading, scriptural reading, journaling, and guided coaching conversations that helps you uproot the unhealthy thought patterns, break cycles, and uncover hidden sins that separates your heart from God. This is a spirit-soul care focus that prepares you for your one-on-one Biblical Counseling process. The 5-day intensive is to get you grounded and ready for doing your personal Heart Work with me (your coach) and with the Holy Spirit.


Virtual private group sessions (3-5) Christian women

Access details will be emailed after registration

Opportunity to join Godly Woman & Company's exclusive Dear Sister membership community.


  1. Develop intentionality and discipline about your healing journey

  2. Actively work through your life situations, stressors, traumas, grief with God in a guided approach.

  3. Gain mentorship and discipleship in your spiritual life including godly friends and sisters.

  4. Develop godly character where you have joy and peace 

  5. Break unhealthy cycles, habits, thoughts... permanently as you are equipped with tools for managing life and its happenings.

A vision without a goal is just a dream.
A goal without a plan is just a wish!
A plan without an action is just wishful thinking!
An action without effective systems is just chaos!



In this 3-Day Workshop, we will

10 January
Day 1


Preparation is key! We spend session 1 laying the foundation of your system. The vision board is set, the goals and some plans have been identified, time to be intentional.

17 January
Day 2


Consistency is key! We spend session 2 looking within... at the heart and how we have been working our goals. We address the value of time, discipline, habits, personal values, placement, roles and responsibilities.

24 January
Day 3


In session 3, it is time to create YOUR winning system! A vision without a goal is just a dream. A goal without a plan is just a wish! A plan without an action is just wishful thinking! An action without effective systems is just chaos! 

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