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20 Lessons I have learned in thirty-three years

Live, Love, Laugh…what constitutes your living? From the writer, “what constitutes my living is God, family, church, true friends, and life’s amazing wonders…like the alarm clock. What constitutes my loving is what my living gives me every day. What constitutes my laughter is what my living and loving gives me.”

  1. The best person to trust on this earth is yourself.

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  1. Trust and believe that God created you, gifted you to the world, and has a plan for your future.

  2. Preserve and uphold your integrity; let no one tell you otherwise.

  3. Be brave, smart, courteous, faithful, and respectful and know that you are beautiful both inside and out; let no one tell you anything different.

  4. Give your best in your faith, relationships and work for in giving you shall receive in abundance from the Lord.

  5. It is a big world they say, but at the same time it is a small world– what goes around will definitely come around; any deed whether good or bad, will surely come back one way or another. The same people you meet going up the ladder are the same people you will meet coming down.

  6. Be true to yourself and follow your heart; live life to the fullest.

  7. Have your head on straight in all you do and every decision you make.

  8. Think before you act although sometimes you may act on impulse; be willing to admit your wrong doing.

  9. Take pride in your hard work.

  10. Have a forgiving heart and a forgiving soul; if you should leave the world today, you know you will be in a better place.

  11. When your soul is disturbed and you have no words, pray “God grant me the serenity” prayer. It brings peace, humility and calmness.

  12. Know that blood is thicker than water; however, sometimes some friends stick more like brothers and sisters – cherish them.

  13. Say “I love you” and I’m sorry” often. Sometimes that is all you need to say to make things right.

  14. Heartbreak lasts but for a moment, heartbeat for God lasts a lifetime.

  15. Commitment is all it takes to move from giving up to never letting go.

  16. Trust yourself and heal your wounds first, before you can help another heal. If you don’t do this, you’ll be looking for love in all the wrong places.

  17. Have a Plan of Action (POA) for your life, commit it to God and obey his direction.

  18. Be thankful for what you have and where you are placed; his purpose not yours.

  19. Trust your instincts 99% of the time and voice of reason 1%. Out of your instincts you begin to reason.

You can never be too sure of anything that you aren’t a part of so look carefully at yourself in the mirror; you have two eyes to do a double review of your life; you have one mouth so you can say it one at a time; you have two ears so you can hear and listen actively; you have one nose to take in life’s abundant smells —good and bad; and you have this beautiful body in which lives a beautiful soul; treasure it, live life to the fullest and when you stop to smell those roses, think of the possibilities ahead…and blow the dandelions too!

What constitutes your living? Define yours.

Be Blessed!

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