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Chapter 38: Something Else Under the Sun

I have seen something else under the sun... Humans are a reflection of the image of God A true image of God holding the Spirit of God in her This reverence for the holy space where God resides is the fear of the Lord... So... Where you go I will go Lord Where you lay me to lie, there I will lie Where you call me to remain, there I shall remain Where you nudge me to boldly step into, there I will step into I have seen something else under the sun... Humans are conditioned to act and will out what other humans deem relevant But where the Spirit of God dwells, such human is set apart for the works of God Such human reveres the special position given to her... So... Where you caution my footsteps, there I will obediently listen Where you quickly hold me, there I will humbly surrender Where you hasten my feet to run, there I will do so diligently I have see something else under the sun... Humans fear what they don't understand, cannot see or logically explain But in the Kingdom of God, the senseless is sensible, the thoughtless is thoughtful, and the impossible is possible...

So... Where you have attended to my needs, my heart is eternally grateful Where you haven't attended to my needs, my heart is very hopeful Where you have made it abundantly clear of greater things to come, there I am believing Where you have promised, there I am trusting for your faithfulness Where you have provided and provisioned, there I will steward with gratitude I have seen something else under the sun... Humans are passing through time and space Here for a purpose, gone into holy places someday...we pray But where the Spirit of God dwells, eternity is inevitable Life and chance happens to all humans... So... Where you have protected my life from the hands of the wicked, there I shall forever praise Where your peace has surpassed all my understanding, there I will cling to you and lay at your feet Where your strength has joyfully encouraged me, there I will move forward in faith Therefore what is the gain when another life happens around the sun? Today, my heart aches for the reminder of this truth; that humans are just passing through. Yet my heart rejoices...for the eternal promise to live FREE Today, another year around the sun...38! My heart yearns for the things of You because I have seen a lot under the sun... So...dear friend, 09+08+21=38 Yup, that's unique. My wish for you is this:

1: not be held down by the past

2: not be held down by the present

3: not be held down by the future

4: pursue things that fulfill the heart

5: pursue things that renew the mind

6: pursue things that reconciles others and bring them hope

7: slow down enough to breathe

8: slow down enough to see me and you and them

9: slow down enough to not regret

10: accept the things you have changed

11: accept the things you can't change in your own strength

12: accept the things that God has given you - big and small

13: contentment overwhelms you

14: contentment convicts your heart to love deeper

15: contentment brings you eternal peace

16: be bold in your pursuits

17: be bold in grasping the opportunities

18: be bold in saying 'no' and 'yes' not a bunch of 'maybes'

19: dance when you feel like it

20: dance when no one is watching

21: dance when everyone is watching

22: love just because you can

23: love just because your soul needs it

24: love just because you are made to love

25: forgive because your soul needs it

26: forgive because it sets you FREE

27: forgive because you are not a slave to sin

28: choose to live FREE

29: choose to live courageously

30: choose to live at peace with all

31: shun envy

32: shun deceit

33: shun worry

34: embrace joy

35: embrace peace

36: embrace patience

37: embrace faith, hope and love

38: embrace the embrace of God And God...

Where your hands have cradled my face, there I will always posture my heart, forever in love with You...never drowning in the affection of man but forever drowning in your affection. Thank you Lord for Chapter 38! Kate

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