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10 Tips to be Martha and Mary

It was a marathon for me this weekend…no not the race, marathon of running errands and getting things done for the family in preparation for back to school. As I sat down to catch my breath I opened my Bible and was led to Luke 10:41-42 immediately. Most of us have heard this story of Martha and Mary where one was a doer (Martha) and the other was a thinker (Mary). As I read this passage all I could hear in my heart was “how are you still going to be running in a million directions? Are you a doer or a thinker?”

I answered “why do I have to choose? Why can’t I be both?”. Of course I can be both! Last week a 41 year old coworker was rushed to the hospital upon the onset of what seemed like a heart attack (later confirmed as so); another coworker in his early 50s was airlifted to the hospital upon the onset of what seemed like a stroke (later confirmed as so). Life gets to be way too busy and sometimes getting things done require some thinking, prioritizing and learning to say NO. I am as busy a wife-mom-employee-writer-friend-sibling-daughter as they come; however I try to stay diligent by keeping these 10 tips in mind. As we dive back into schedules and routines in a new school year, anytime you feel your life is too hectic for your own sanity, I encourage you to action just 1…2…maybe 3…oh all 10.

  1. Stop…halt your steps! This means slow down because life is happening all around you. That one email you think you need to send can wait while you stretch; that text message you hurriedly have to send during rush hour should wait while you focus on the road and listen to some praise music to lift up your spirit (so you aren’t an irate driver) …just saying  🙂

  1. Whose race are you racing? It is your race and yours alone. You listen to that calming voice (some call it instincts, I call it the Holy Spirit) and map out your course with God’s guidance.

  1. Worry less, PRAY more! Worrying will only elevate your blood pressure, heart rate, paranoia, negative thoughts and eventually fear creeps in. What you need to do is to speak to God more, have conversations with Him “…do not be wise in your own ways…” Proverbs 3:7 

  1. Rid yourself of the unknowns. No one knows the future; what the next minute hold for us. Why are you focusing on something you have no control over – the future.

  1. Practice my 3Ps: Purpose, Plan, Prioritize. What’s your purpose for the day? Do you have a plan of action? Have you prioritized that list? Knowing your purpose helps you aim your energy appropriately; having a plan helps you stay on track to meeting that purpose; prioritizing helps you sift through things that wouldn’t add value to your purpose.

  1. Seek UNDERSTANDING. In other words, seek the kingdom of God first and all other things will be added unto you. Seek Him through his word; seek Him through prayer; seek Him through praise and worship. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart; and lean not on your own understanding…” Proverbs 3:5

  1. Plunge into the very essence of your life: know God. A lifetime won’t be enough but He’s called us to trust in Him with all our hearts. How do we know God? Dive into his Word – the Bible and don’t let good instruction fall on deaf ears. Turn inspirations into actions. Listen to the Holy Spirit, let Him guide you.

  1. Do life meaningfully .i.e. devote yourself to things that are enriching to your soul; don’t do life blindfolded with no clear direction and compass. This also means learning to say NO and letting go of the things that can be on the ‘nice to do list’…the things that if you have leisure time you’ll do/attend. Oh yeah, I have such list (I’ll encourage you to do the same)

  1. Use your COMPASS daily. What is this compass? More like WHO is this compass? You know the one you seek, you know, you call on…GOD. Let Him guide your steps, let Him guide your thoughts, let Him guide the words you speak, let Him guide your actions. Without this compass, we will be lost.

  1. Finally, to know God is to strike it rich! Oh not the worldly kind of rich. I’m talking unexplainable PEACE and JOY. You know the kind that when folks see you in traffic they give you an invisible hi-5; the kind that no matter what the day has been your put your kids to bed taking the time to kiss them as many times as they request it; the kind that when you finally lay your head down you can still say THANK YOU LORD. That’s the kind of rich I’m after…how about you? Its your RACE but remember His PACE.


Are you a Martha or a Mary? You are and can be both! A thinker and a doer yearning to know God and allowing Him to compass your life daily so as to have a purposed faith-filled FREE life… “Do not be wise in your own understanding, fear the Lord and shun evil” Proverbs 3:7



I am FREE Woman

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