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A Constant Pursuit of FREEdom

Here’s what: I love what Craig Groeschel says “successful people do consistently what other people do occasionally”. I am a strong proponent of habits and developing systems that contribute to achieving goals. One of three books that have impacted me so far this year, I even created a whole managerial program on it Atomic Habits by James Clear.

Normally a blog will highlight steps to, or keys to or some sort of quick guide/help. I have none of that to give because I believe if you want to invest in yourself and achieve the goals and results you want, you have to do the work. That is what being in constant pursuit of FREEdom is about. You do the work, you rid yourself of the things that weigh you down, and hold on to the things that bring you peace and wealth in Christ.

Go grab the book, listen to Life Church podcast on Habits and do. Again, please do. Don’t let not seeing immediate results deter you because the God we serve doesn’t deal in ‘immediate results’, He is a meticulous on time God. Build your systems, habits and the results will eventually show.

You didn’t see all the times I exercised through pain, I cried because I couldn’t get past 1 mile without stopping, I binged ate through stress, I doubted myself…many times, I prayed my way through positive thinking…always. What you see is this.

Run your own race, never give up because Jesus never gave up on us.



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