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A Prayer for Any Day…Week of the Year

Hi Friend,

Happy New Month! Its already the third month of the year and I’m pretty sure we all can’t wait to see what this new month has to offer. I woke up this morning with this prayer on my heart; probably because of the type of week I have ahead but also, the type of days, weeks, months we often have as we live our busy lives. I hope this prayer brings you peace and focus as you go about your weekly plans.

“God, it is impossible for me to tackle this week in my own strength. I need the spiritual strength of David to defeat the Goliaths that will try to bring me down. Please remove any spirit of fear that may cause me to be timid and doubt my abilities. I need the faith of Abraham, Sarah, Moses, Job, Jesus…to move mountains out of my way. Cover me and my loved ones with your cloak of wisdom to protect and guide our paths. In Jesus name, Amen”. 


Godspeed in all you do, aim higher, reach for the stars, go get what He has promised you. Until next time…

Stay Blessed, Stay FREE


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