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Something happened this week which surprisingly has brought some balance to my days. I decided to set boundaries in my schedule. Using the ‘do not disturb’ feature on my phone after a certain time in the evening to a certain time in the morning gives me control of what the outside bring into my life. Using this feature even at work helps me to balance and focus giving me mental clarity. Also, permanently muting all notifications has quieted my mind, because I choose when I want to engage and respond. Whoooooo!!!

Our lives are so full – I choose to not use two words: busy and stress – the mention of them and your mental clarity is already being affected. There is so much in your life that you can control starting with you. I walked by the bagel in the break room several times debated if I should eat that extra carbs or not, rationalized I would burn it off by running. Ultimately, I chose not to. Right there I had taken control back from food. Rather than managing so many items on that to do list, consider ways in which you can balance yourself. Maybe saying no, maybe letting go of something, maybe increasing your resources somewhere to reduce the pressure else where. It all starts with you and the boundaries you put in place.

Managing the distractions in our life comes down to boundaries because “if the devil can’t use you he will distract you” Craig Groeschel. Are you trying to quiet the distractions around you? Do you see yourself putting these boundaries in place? Try it.


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