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Hello! My name is FREE. What’s your name?

Well that’s not the real name on my birth certificate but this name FREE represents my identity in Christ. From birth a person’s identity is formed and shaped by the culture they are initially born into and later the culture they live in; shaped by family dynamics and norms; shaped by relationships and social norms; shaped by religion and belief systems etc. Along the way when growing up, things happen- life happens and these events or situations get impressed on a person’s identity to the world. The identity that culture, family dynamics, relationships, social norms, and religion impressed upon me were both positive and negative. The experiences I had shaped and molded my views as a girl to a woman; the way I developed and sustained relationships; my work ethics; the way I organized my life and career to name a few. Throughout my childhood and young adulthood, I struggled to know who I was – don’t get me wrong – I had a name, a family name, a family, friends, accomplishments but those were things that I had, I’d done and thus they defined me and to some extent I identified with. However, due to some painful childhood and young adulthood experiences, I knew that identity was superficial, false and I needed more. Then I found Jesus – I mean…really found Jesus Christ.

Here’s how the Lord spoke into my life and gave me a new identity.

  1. He helped me recognize, confront and release my pains and hurts.

  2. He allowed me to really hit rock bottom with my need to control and self-protect (a hardened heart that refused to trust and loved conditionally)

  3. He helped me uncover and understand WHO he is.

  4. At the point when I realized I couldn’t make it in life on my own, he sent earthly angels who guided, guarded and spoke life into me.

  5. He allowed me to come to him when I was ready.

  6. He took away my pains and hurts.

  7. He forgave me and spiritually washed me clean.

  8. He restored my soul through his Word- the Bible.

  9. He showered me with so much goodness even when I didn’t deserve them.

  10. He made me see my worth, and understand that I was worthy of being loved – especially by him.

  11. He helped me to realize that he’s never forsaken me – even during my darkest years – and he didn’t intend on doing that ever.

  12. He patiently allowed me to relinquish all control to him- in all areas of my life.

  13. He revealed himself to me in an unforgettable but subtle way – rain drops – and embraced me

When I think of my identity and who I am, I don’t stammer or mince words now! He’s loved me where no man can ever love me and has given me a peace that certainly surpasses all understanding. This freshness I feel, this contentment I have, this freedom I experience, this joy I’m filled with, the completeness I feel, the balance I have in my life now, this open heart full of love I’m now full of, this fire and passion in me to help others doesn’t come from no other but my Heavenly Father. He can do the same and much more for you; all you have to do is invite him in.

Hello, my name is FREE. What’s your name?

Stay Blessed!

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