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How is Your Heart?

If you could truly see my heart decades ago, we wouldn’t be friends, you would have shunned me. Nobody likes conditional love; a selfish heart is never attractive, a jealous heart is never satisfied, a disturbed heart is never settled, a lost heart is never found… never until transformed by the entire renewal of the mind and in Christ. Joyce Meyer says “what we do when no one is watching is who we really are.” I will explain it this way “what we falsely express out of our hearts (faking it) when everyone is watching is a detriment to our heart health.” I was that person, I didn’t know I was that person until something had to give.

“Keep vigilant, watch over your heart, that’s where life starts” Proverbs 4:23 MSG The heart is where everything flows from. puts it this way; your brain, part of the nervous system sends a signal to your heart, which then pumps oxygen rich blood to your entire body including the brain! So the heart is where everything flows from, science just explains what supernaturally has been known to be for centuries.

Certain factors can affect this process; doctors will say not enough oxygen from your heart to your brain equals fuzzy thinking, stroke etc. There is interruption of blood flow or blockage. What is good for your heart is absolutely good for your brain. Let’s take this closer to home – being disciples of Jesus. If my emotional blockage in my heart is anger, what does that blockage do to my heart and then my brain and all other parts of my being? This blockage – anger- if not healed can suck the life out of me…my brain! If care isn’t given, the blockage – anger- compounds and over time symptoms begin to show up.

Are you detecting your emotional blockages so far? I detected mine when I became a mother – awareness. There were triggers and situations that struck ungodly emotions from my heart such as this anger. The output of such triggers is what I call transference of anger i.e. the hurts that one experiences, when triggered creates a transference of anger towards innocent people. Once my mind was renewed in Christ, as I begun the journey of forgiving my abusers, I resolved that if dying to self is gaining Christ, then gaining self is losing Christ! And I didn’t want to lose Christ…I had to choose life or death. I had witnessed first hand what both experiences produced in my heart and for as much as gaining Christ took a lot of work such as relinquishing control, it released and freed my heart to live and love. Understand that when you allow your emotional blockage sit in your heart, it creates very unpleasant experiences for you which is then transferred onto others.

How do you correct these blockages then? Nelson Mandela once said “a good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination.” It takes your head and heart. Your head (mind) being aware of the symptoms, hearing from people who know you and you trust to reveal these blockages to you. Then doing the work at healing your heart off these blockages. It takes time and effort just as you would per doctor recommendation.

Based on personal experience, my first recommendation is inviting God to sit in your heart; to own that space. God is indeed love and “there is no fear in love” therefore where do you hear your heart beating for the most? My second recommendation is to find a healthy community of friends (tribe) that would in some cases include a mentor, podcasts, books, counselor or therapist, life coach, spiritual director (yes it is a job). A tribe like this can keep you vulnerable and help you focused and live your best life. The third recommendation is to allow God to work in your heart, for every ungodly symptom that pops up, please don’t shove it under a rug or mask it with busyness, hurried life or running from Him. Face your fears, cast your worries on Him, do the work at healing your heart just as you would if you got a wake up call after a stroke etc. Don’t neglect that which can bring you peace – a healthy heart. So if I may, how is your heart my friend?

With much love,


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