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Unlock Your 20-20 Vision

Have you ever been in a situation where you have on the perfect eyewear, I mean name brand reputable fashionable eyewear, and yet you can’t see? You even remove it and clean it with whatever cotton material your hands can grab but still, your vision is cloudy and just not right.

That is how it is when you feel the burden and calling to do something but the next step, next move isn’t clear. In order for you to hit ‘check mate’ and confidently walk in that call, you need to unlock the vision.

In my journey of mindful transformation, God has placed certain visions on my heart which I have gradually become obedient in pursuing. When the vision was blurry, I wiped it up with my own thoughts, rationale; when the vision became foggy and cloudy, I tried to clear it up seeking the opinions of others. In the end, it got cloudier and more unfocused from the original.

To unlock your 20-20 vision, there are very simple rules you need to follow:

1. Pray and ask God for discernment about the vision. It sounds simple but this step is most important. You need wisdom to understand and knowledge to persevere.

2. Write down the vision. It means you must unpack what the vision is that you have a burden on your heart to fulfill. I unpack any vision by writing the initial thought down, walking away, think through it and if after some time, the need to do gets stronger, then that is it.

3. Speak and think your vision into existence. You have to shift from your old self to a new self – in your mindset, in your network, in your actions. The more you speak and think it, the more the path becomes visible to journey through.

Blurred vision creates confusion, God, time and patience through the process will untie any complexities and clear up any fog.



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