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You Can’t Share My Joy; But You Can Share My Happiness

“Each heart knows its own bitterness, and no one else can share its joy” Prob 14:10 ••• Happy Monday…A serene view from Stone Mountain park on my walk with a friend this weekend did us some good as friends. We caught up on all things family, kids, marriage, life, love, our walk with God, laughter…it was a good 5mile walk. As I reflect on our time together, this insightful scripture is what will be on my lips this week.

You see during our chats, we poured out our challenges and successes; we laughed at ourselves and freely admitted our faults; we talked about our hopes and our frustrations… at the end of our time together, we shared messages of faith, hope, love, joy and peace. But each of us walked away still just knowing what the other shared and nothing more. It was a #nojudgingzone We shared in each other’s happiness but could never share the joy; we shared in each other’s pain but could never share the frustrations; we shared in each other’s experiences, but could never share the peace. Because what we could share, we had seen and felt, what we couldn’t share we knew had to come individually from the heart in our pursuit of God’s light in our lives.

••• This week and beyond commit to sharing what’s on your heart with a loved one but know that your expectations should be that of a listening ear. The joy, peace and understanding you seek can only come from your personal walk with our heavenly father. So seek His face and trust that only He can give your heart love and light. Blessings to you.



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